Why does ENSMB HONK?

A new video by Sarah Ganzhorn about yours truly and the HONK! Festival

New CD Reviews

The Boston Globe

"This disc from a gang of longtime local circus favorites distills years of manic street band performances into a rich, diverse offering... "

Boston Bastard Brigade

"Like a blend of oompah and pomp with a sprinkle of pure insanity this steampunk-based band had the undeniable talent to make one's heart beat to the rhythm of their polished brass section... "

Sepia Chord

"One of America’s premier instrumental music ensembles, Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band has managed to up their game again on their newest self released album, Disco Dischordia..."

Steampunk Chronicle

"Oh, you clever, clever sonsabitches! Saving the perfect song to review as the last tune on the album and making me try to think critically for nearly 55 minutes before you drop that bomb!"

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    "Emperor Norton’s is about as stationary as the reincarnated dancing Tesla-powered cyborg of Gene Kelly, and they always have the audience up and dancing. I highly recommend that you check out their music, transfer it onto your Victrola or steam-powered music contraption of choice, and keep it around for those moments your life needs small figurative explosions of musical awesome!"
    --SteamPunk Worlds Fair


    "It's like a lively, slightly raucous blend of Eastern European vagabond music mixed with trash percussion and avant-garde dissonance that effectively sets the tone of the show and keeps it rocking."
    --The Boston Globe


    "The show last night was not just a booty-shaking, raucous good time, it had moments of absolute wonder, belly-shaking laughter, and a conspiratorial sense of collusion between musicians, performers, assistants, and audience, we were all holding in this great, blossoming secret that barely fit in the building: the world is made of gritty, raw, pure joy."


    "Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band's saxophonic sound ranges from vaudeville to klezmer, as bella ciao crashes into the cartoon network. When combined with an acrobatic and enthusiastic second line, the Madcap Rumpus Society, they provide a marvelous spectacle that quickly lures the audience to their feet and gets 'em dancing and twirling and thinking they can do anything they want. These guys and dolls are onto something cool and new fur shur. Listen for it, and watch their scene unfold."